Policies on Returns

You have seven days (7) Calendar days to return an item from the Date of purchase. [Date as printed on your purchase receipt].

Be eligible for return, your item must be:

  1. Unused and intact[not partially or entirely disassembled, altered]
  2. In the same condition that bought us and,
  3. In the original packaging as well as with the proof of purchase.

Policies on Refunds

You have seven days (7) Calendar days to return an item for refund thereafter it can only be exchanged for similar goods or goods of the same value.

  1. All items returned either for repairs or exchanges due to fault shall be tested whether the fault was not caused by the purchaser. Then we will immediately inform you on your status of refund.

  2. If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your method of purchase: cash for cash or credit [card] for credit.

  3. In the case of credit [card], you will receive it after a certain amount of days depending on your card issuer’s policies. [Banking or financial institution].

Please Take Note of the following:

First; Returns and Refunds are subject to strict public health regulation and consideration. This means that not all items will qualify for return or refund.

Second; No returns of purchased Goods will be accepted simply because you no longer need them.

Third; All Electronic items must be tested in store before you take them home.

Fourth; There will be no Refund or Exchange if an electronic item covered by warranty stops working after seven days (7). Instead, we will get it fixed by an authorized dealer at our own expense.

Fifth; There shall be no refunds, exchanges and/ returns on Underwear as this does not comply with Health and Sanitary Codes.

Sixth; All Glassware  is sold voeststoots and shall not be refunded if a defect is detected after the product leaves the shop

Thank you for your business