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Our History

The General Store was born to “distribute rest of mind” to all through quality household goods. We continue to seek opportunities to work with exciting brands that will be loved by South African consumers. South Africa is home to richly diverse consumer base with an appetite for quality brands and products. We have expect knowledge of consumer from Africa and other continents, who are based in the Republic of South Africa. We use this knowledge.

Our clients trusts us because they know we have a PASSION for what we do.

We want our customers to love our brands as much as we do, this is reflected in the way we do business. We support the brands we supply in every way we can.

INTEGRITY is at the heart of everything that we do. We have thrived because we value all of our trade partners, clients and customers.

Our teams operate with high levels of professionalism, efficiency and creativity to make sure we provide a high level of services to all our customers.

We are successful because we utilize our DIVERSITY

Our team is comprised of very experienced personnel’s in retail marketing and distribution. We embrace diversity and utilize our knowledge to make sure we get your products to the consumers who will buy them.

We run the company with full focus on:

  • The creation of sustainable value for our customers and shareholders.
  • Long term partnership with consistent high value.
  • Investment is growing our marketing and infrastructure capital.
  • Creating employment for South African Citizens directly and indirectly.

Furthermore, we believe in:

  • Having an un-parallel experience in handling customer’s needs.
  • Running a company capable of  developing more skills and capacity able to handle the growing volume of work as the business grows.
  • Ethical business standards and top-quality service at all times.
  • Positive image projection.
  • Training and staff development at the center of our human resources strategy.
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